Related Websites

18th Connect – – Materials for 18th Century Scholarship Online

Apollon eJournal – – – Online Undergraduate Journal at Berea College

ArchBook: Architectures of the Book – – Peer Reviewed Collection of Articles about Book History

Atlas of Early Printing – – Materials about 15th Century Printing

Conversion Narratives in Early Modern Europe – – Blog for the AHRC Funded Project

DEEP (Database of Early English Playbooks) – – Prof. Zachary Lesser & Prof. Alan B. Farmer

DICER – – Known Variants List for Early Modern Spelling & Can Be Used in Conjunction with VARD II

Digital Humanities Q&A – -Forum for Questions and Answers About Digital Humanities

Digital Miscellanies Index – – University of Oxford – Look at “Other Reading”

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities – – Exploring the Digital Humanities

DiRT – – Digital Research Tools

Distributed Proofreaders – – Volunteer Proofreading

Early Modern Letters Online – – A Catalogue of Letters from the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries

Early Modern Online Bibliography –

Early Modern Sandbox – – A Working Environment to Explore Digital Approaches to Literature

Electronic Literature Organization – – Promoting the Writing, Publishing, & Reading of Electronic Media

EMLoT – – Early Modern London Theatres

English Broadside Ballads – – University of California- Santa Barbara

English Handwriting 1500-1700 – – Detailed Introduction to Handwriting

Henslowe-Alleyn Digitalization Project – – Expanding on R.A. Foakes’s edition of The Henslowe Papers

Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities – – University of Virginia

Internet Shakespeare Editions –

Irish Depositions 1641 – – Trinity College in Dublin Database

Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages & Renaissance – – Extensive Database for Materials for Study

King James Bible Conference: Resources – – A Very Extensive Bibliography for work on the Early Modern Bible

LEME – – Lexicons of Early Modern English

Luminarium: Essays and Articles on Sixteenth Century Renaissance Literature – – Essays on Many Early Modern Authors

Many Eyes – – IBM

NINES – – Nineteenth Century Scholarship Online

Open Source Shakespeare – – A Source for Shakespeare’s Texts

Perseus Digital Classics – – Source for Classical Texts in English & Original Language

REED – – Records of Early English Drama (University of Toronto)

REED Patrons and Performances – – Patrons and Performances Website

Renaissance Electronic Texts – – Old Spelling Editions and Transcriptions

Representative Poetry Online – – Prof. Ian Lancashire’s Poetry Archive

Rossetti Archive – -Dante Gabriel Rossetti Archive

The Shakespeare Quartos Archive – – Digital Collection of Pre-1642 Editions of William Shakespeare’s Plays

VARD II – – Alistair Baron’s Modernization & Variant Spelling Program

William Blake Archive – – Resource on William Blake

WordHoard – – Martin Mueller’s Text Tagging Program



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