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The Search, Sir, Was Profitable

I realized yesterday night that I did not post on the first day of my pledge to post once a day.  However, I have been thinking that once a week might be a more appropriate goal due to my current amount of work.

I just finished work on a new search component on Shakesbook.  The search queries a database of early modern plays, authors, acting companies, acting venues, and printers.  (The direct link is here.)  I hope that it is flexible enough for a quick search yet have enough data to also support scholarship.  I designed it with this two-fold intent in mind.  Hopefully this database will pan out into more features in the future as well as grow in size as I continue reading.

Let me know what you think of it below or via email.


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Brief, I Pray You, For You See It Is a Busy Time With Me

It does seem like it has been a busy month for me since I can barely distinguish between the past weeks.  I am mainly taking this opportunity to post on Leap Day but I also have a few other things on my mind:

~I have spent much of February working on a new feature on my other website, Shakesbook, and a new part of the website will soon be available.  I worked with Harbage’s Annals of English Drama, Chamber’s The Elizabethan Stage, and Gurr’s The Shakespearean Stage to create a database of early english drama, similar to DEEP but with less detail.  Instead, I wish to use the data for a new visualization project beyond the timeline.  More on that later.

~I fear that much of my time spent typing away on the database and on Shakesbook has made me type less and less on prose and poetry.  The result of which has been, I feel, a decline in both my aptitude in writing and my desire to write.  I am going to try to spend the month of March recovering that by posting at least once a day.  (We shall see whether that pans out in my favor though)

~I have been thinking about both my papers for this term and questioning how I can distil information as broad as something like a database of early modern plays into both the word limit and words at all.  I have spoken with my tutors at York about this but the consensus seems to be that it is something I must figure out on my own.  This is one more item that might pop up again later.

That’s all for now.

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Shakesbook is Live

Hello All,

I am sorry for the delay in posting for so long this summer however all of the delay can be attributed to my newest project, Shakesbook.  Shakesbook is a website that I designed which focuses on social relationships in Early Modern England, particularly on relationships to do with the London theatres and playwrights.  (It is available at http://www.shakesbook.org/ )   Continue reading

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