My name is Mike Stumpf and I am a current postgraduate student in Renaissance Literature at the University of York, UK.   I am also a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

My latest independent project has been creating a website called the Early Modern Sandbox which is a working environment to explore literature.  The aim of the project is to illustrate and illuminate relationships in Renaissance England, particularly surrounding London playwrights, theatres, and early modern drama.  It is available at http://earlymodernsandbox.com/

In December of 2011, I began working with Katherine Bash and the Itinerant Laboratory for Perceptual Inquiry (ILPI).  I am still in the process of determining my approach to the “little” elements perceivable in literature.

From March of 2010 to the Spring of 2011, I collaborated with Professor Michael Witmore to develop my use of Docuscope and to further explore the Digital Humanities.  During my time there I also w0rked on Docuscope under the auspices of Professors Eric Raimy, Robin Valenza and Bill Blake while concurrently learning how to program in Java.

Feel free to contact me at wrigley242@gmail.com or respond to any of the posts.



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