How Quickly Nature Falls Into Revolt

I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of months now, but I have not sat down long enough to get it done.  I recently published an article with Apollon eJournal which I had been working on since the winter of 2010.  In fact, my views and critical stance had changed so much that I significantly revised it past fall before publication.  I wanted to supplement the article with this post because some of the materials I sent where simply too awkward to be included in the article proper.  For one, I wanted to talk about what does not often get discussed with discussions of Docuscope and that is mainly the effect of the text itself upon the evaluative tool Docuscope is.  I discussed most of this in my post here but I wanted to add the underlying structure of Docuscope itself.

I made a list of all of the LATs, Dimensions, and Clusters with their associated description provided in a (I believe) relatively difficult place to access.  In fact, I believe I came across the text file on accident.  Mainly, I cleaned that file up as a sort of ReadMe and added a little structure and whitespace.  The pdf of that is here:

Docuscope Descriptions

The article that I wrote is a sort of synthesis of my work with Docuscope up to the end of Prof. Witmore’s spring seminar and my class with Professor Robin Valenza the fall before in which I looked at a lot of reader-response theory.  The article is available here with more related media:

Like I mentioned earlier, this post was intended to be more than it is but I have run out of time at the moment.  Maybe I will come back to it later on.


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