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How Quickly Nature Falls Into Revolt

I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of months now, but I have not sat down long enough to get it done.  I recently published an article with Apollon eJournal which I had been working on since the winter of 2010.  In fact, my views and critical stance had changed so much that I significantly revised it past fall before publication.  I wanted to supplement the article with this post because some of the materials I sent where simply too awkward to be included in the article proper.  For one, I wanted to talk about what does not often get discussed with discussions of Docuscope and that is mainly the effect of the text itself upon the evaluative tool Docuscope is.  I discussed most of this in my post here but I wanted to add the underlying structure of Docuscope itself.

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I Tell You, ‘Tis Incredible to Believe

I went to the British Library for the first time today and I was simply blown away by the amount of materials I was able to access in one place at one time.  I went to the Rare Book and Music room and viewed about twenty editions of Shakespeare’s works, mostly pre-1850.  I cannot believe that this is a free public library and a veritable construct of reading space.  On their website it said something to the effect of the British Library building near St. Pancras in London being the biggest building built in the UK in the 20th century.  Absolutely incredible.

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