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Action is Eloquence (Part II)

This post is a continuation of the previous post’s project, although the data put into the diagrams is slightly different.  Now the data selected is only the ‘w-o.txt’ plays, the plays without their main character’s lines, and the ‘.txt’ files of the character’s words.  In addition to the departure from the last post, these diagrams have been labeled according to genre following this format: blue ‘^’ for Comedy, red solid square for the main character’s lines, orange ‘+’ for History, black triangle for Tragedy, and light read empty square for Late Plays.   The methodology for creating the diagrams is otherwise the same as noted earlier. Continue reading


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Action Is Eloquence

Since the beginning of the year, I have had several projects going which, after completion, sat in the refrigerator of my mind.  As I mentioned before, this has resulted in a kind of textual pile-up in my brain and so I will be trying to write a couple posts retroactively, although my own experiments have currently gone farther.

The first of the projects that I want to mention was finished back in February.  It was solely focused on separating all of the characters in Shakespeare’s plays from their respective works.  After the data preparation, my results were simultaneously confusing and captivating. Continue reading

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