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He’s Mad that Trusts in the Tameness of a Wolf

Earlier today Professor Karen Britland was speaking in a lecture about the madness of Hamlet and whether or not he was truly mad or merely acting, that is if he carried the air of melancholy that so popularly affected young men in London during the 1580’s.  In the lecture she pointed out that Hamlet speaks in long, fluid sentences which carry “rational” thought with them in their progression, lexical choice, and perceived sophistication, but only structure before he has seen the ghost.  For example, Hamlet’s early lines give an impression of knowledge, such as would be the evidence of his recent return from school in Wittenburg.  Hamlet’s use of rhetorical devices, such as anaphora, and the incorporation of them in his speech speak to this learning. Continue reading


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When I Was Green In Judgement

I have just added a Bibliography page for resources and exploring further interest in the Digital Humanities.   There are materials for related work, on the program Docuscope, websites, and miscellaneous items of interest.  I will try to delineate between them and add to the page as time goes on.  Please comment on the post if you have additions, comments, or questions.

As far as other work that I have been doing, much of my absence has been due to a particularly consuming series of events since my last post, but I am currently working on material for journal submissions that will hopefully be posted here soon.

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