Wisconsin Cyberinfrastructure Day November 5, 2010

Yesterday I received an incredible opportunity to present what I have been working on and thinking on at UW-Milwaukee as part of the Wisconsin Cyberinfrastructure Day.  In presenting, I decided to try a new approach which appeared to work well.  I made a presentation at prezi.com, rather than a traditional PowerPoint, and I got encouraging reviews about it after it was over.  It is linked below and it is interactive and fully navigable by anyone.  First click on the presentation, press the play button at the bottom of the the mini-screen, and then you may go through the presentation as I laid it out with the right and left arrows on the bottom.  However you may also zoom in and out (with your mouse wheel) and if you click on an item such as a picture, the screen will then zoom onto that item.  Feel free to tell me what you think!  I also attached a copy of my presentation handout which has the bibliography for the presentation if you are interested and the conference brochure.

Wisconsin Cyberinfrastructure Day 11-5-10 handout

WI CI Day Program Booklet for Web

Wisconsin Cyberinfrastructure Day Presentation on November 5, 2010


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