Initial Standings

By starting this blog, I wish mainly to create and maintain a space for the development and expansion of my ideas as both a humanist as well as a digitalist.  Before going further, I would like to credit Prof. Michael Witmore for all of the input and assistance he has given me, as well as the research tools and methods he has provided.  Without him, I would probably be doing less important things currently.  I would also like to thank William (or Bill) Blake, another individual who has given me incredible insight and aid while taking time out of his own schedule. I must also give credit to Prof. Eric Raimy, who first introduced me to Prof. Witmore and this kind of research and who is another person who has helped hone my perception at both a linguistic and analytical level.  To those above and to all of the teachers I have encountered in my course of life but haven’t mentioned, I thank you.


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